The Need

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of lithium-ion batteries worldwide. Now-a-days, they are found in everything from everyday items like cell phones, laptops, cars and cameras, to more advanced technology such as medical devices and military communication tools. Increased usage of lithium-ion batteries means increased demand and therefore increased shipments.

Shipping lithium-ion batteries can be very dangerous. One of the biggest risks of shipping lithium-ion batteries is the threat of explosions that lead to thermal runaway – which often has a very destructive result.

The Technology

Seeing the need for a simple yet stringent solution to allow for safe transport and storage of lithium-ion batteries as well as lithium-ion powered devices, Thermo Shield fire suppressant wrap came to life.

Thermo Shield is manufactured with a proprietary formulation that prevents oxygen ingress and eventual Thermal runaway reactions. It is the only packaging solution that has passed (and exceeded) the proposed SAE G-27 testing standards for safety in shipping lithium-ion batteries via land, sea, and air.

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The Company

PACT is a US-based packaging and crating company providing complete off-the-shelf and custom solutions for the industrial, moving, shipping, and storage industries.

In order to meet the growing need for battery shipment safety, PACT developed the patented technology for Thermo Shield fire suppressant wrap.

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